Get your John Deere® 9000 series Powershift transmission remanufactured at Emerald Power Solutions. The Funk 500 transmission is an 18 speed forward, 6 speed reverse, Powershift transmission. It is used on many of the John Deere® 9000 series tractors.

Emerald Power Solutions has the expertise to remanufacture your John Deere® 9000 Series 18/6 transmission.

The Process

When we receive the transmission it is disassembled. As it is being disassembled, measurements are taken to establish a bench mark for a particular transmission. Taking measurements also helps diagnosis transmission failure.

After complete disassembly the parts are inspected. Broken, worn or burned parts are replaced.

All parts that will be reused are cleaned and polished. OEM parts are used to reassemble the clutch packs.

All friction discs, bearings, seals and o-rings are replaced. The clutch packs and gear cluster are reassembled using our specialty tooling.

After reassembly, the gear assembly bearing preload is carefully set to OEM specifications. The actuator solenoids, and sensors are replaced with new OEM parts.

The transmission is then painted and palletized and shipped back to you.

We rebuild transmissions on the following John Deere tractor models: 9120, 9220, 9320, 9420, 9520, 9620, 9230, 9320T, 9420T, 9520T, 9620T, 9330, 9430, 9430T, 9530, 9530T, 9630, 9630T, DF500, 9360R, 9410R, 9460R, 9460RT, 9510R, 9510RT.

Please call us if you have questions about John Deere transmissions rebuilds.

Reman Package

The Reman Package includes complete disassembly, inspection and repair. In reassembly we use all new parts: bearings, friction discs, seals, O-rings, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, speed sensors, solenoids.

  • Bearings
  • Friction discs
  • Seals
  • O-rings
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Speed sensors
  • Solenoids


How do we get our transmission to you?
We can provide you with a set of chains to lift the transmission from the machine. The transmission is then set on a pallet and shipped via common carrier. It can be shipped with no oversize charges. The Reman price includes free shipping with in the 48 lower states.

Which parts do you use?
We use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

How long does a reman take?
Typically we need two weeks in the shop. But please call to verify the current shop schedule.

What is the most common fail point with these transmissions?
The most common failure is over heated clutch packs. We have also found bad bearings as well.

Should I just fix this transmission myself?
You certainly could. However, be aware that this transmission and the parts are very heavy. Also, many special tools are required to disassemble and handle the gear assemblies. Over the years we have developed many tools that assist us in handling these components without damage.

What is not included in your price?
The standard rebuild includes all the wear parts and controls. This includes friction discs, bearings, seals, O-rings gaskets, solenoid actuators and sensors. If any other parts are needed, they will be quoted to you.

Contact Us

Emerald Power Solutions is a family owned and operated rebuilding service. We value clear communication and honesty, from the first conversation to the rebuilt transmission delivery.
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